Thursday, May 13, 2010

Panduan untuk KPLI-Set Induksi

Masa KPLI dua tahun lepas,serabut kepala nak fikir set induksi..yang ni terlalu simple,yang ini terlalu lama,yang ini leceh,yang ini tak menarik,yang ini too klise...pening based on my experience,I would like to share some ideas I did before,but I focused more on English Language..Happy trying!

1)Video klip - Animation flash or movie trailer
2)Make new words from a word - Example: VEGETABLES - table,eat,late,belt-just jot down on the blackboard (save time,save energy,your lecturer won't argue it)
3)Riddles - You can create your own riddles too
4)Guess what - Let say the topic is about 'Things in the classroom',so get an empty covered box,put an eraser in it, and let the pupils to guess what object is inside.Then,after they try to guess,let them see.Suitable for Year 1-3 pupils.
5) Jigsaw puzzle-make your own jigsaw puzzle.
6)Singing a song
7)Recite a poem
8)Listen to few sounds - example sounds of animals,make sure you have a good speaker
9)Tongue Twister
10) Bring realia to the classroom (realia is the real thing)

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Maybe what I shared here sounds too oldies and common for you,but when you're stucked,I believe I've helped you a lot!


LyDiA said...

selamat hari cekgu, noi!



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