Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Note to teach it?

What is note expansion? For English Language Primary school,the pupils are required to master this skill,to expand the notes given.For those who still blurrr...gapo dio note expansion?
It's like these..
  -grandfather-bedroom-sleeping-blanket-body. I had stress with this.I taught this class(Year 5) since last year and they still couldn't construct simple sentences at all. Blurry face..(Can you imagine that?)I told them twice,thrice...20 times...okeh,it was acceptable that they were rural rural school(don't know what pedalaman in English),but I really frustated today with them.Too high expectation?maybe yes maybe not..

I'm still searching the best way and the best formula to teach this skill..and I'm looking for your help guys..Really need it!

p/s:Everyday praying the best for my pupils..Aminn.


Anonymous said...

you should use compound sentence not simple sentences!!

Anonymous said...

ye too



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